Masar Endurance in collaboration with :

  • Frisan’s Home Stable in Villesse – Gorizia

Frisan’s Home Stable #masarendurance

Frisan’s Home Stable #masarendurance

Frisan’s Home Stable #masarendurance

Frisan’s Home Stable #masarendurance
  • “La Staccionata s.s.” Società Agricola in Dobbia – Gorizia

… find La Staccionata on facebook LINK

  • Nuova Santa Vittoria, one of the leading breeding stable’s in Italy.

Nuova Santa Vittoria : Breeding and training center for Arabian horses, participation in national and international competitions for over 30 years.

The property covers an area of more than 30 hectares and is equipped with 850mt sand track, 650m uphill runway, 26 × 45 covered riding ground, 30 × 60 sand course, rod, carousel, tread-mill, over 20 box and large paddocks with sheds.

Nuova Santa Vittoria : LINK

Riding center, a few steps from the Ronchi dei Legionari airport … A green oasis to be discovered …

equipped with 800mt sand track, covered riding ground, rod, sand course, over 20 box and large paddocks, Bed & Breakfast.

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