Neive, Italy 03/03/2019

Second qualifier of the season participating with 5 horses, and 100% complition. πŸ”πŸŽ

Fleika Dei Laghi (Kaerele De Ghazal x Fiocco Di Neve), 6 years old italian, mare completed her first 90 km qualifier.

Brisiede Dei Laghi (Kaerele De Ghazal x St Blue Megik) ,Magika Dei Laghi (Kaerele De Ghazal x Music Miss), Nairom (Nedel Del Guado x Neja), completed their first 60 km qualifier.

Zagara Della Bosana (Ber Phanat x Dryna El Aj) completed her 30 km.

Fleika Dei Laghi
NVS & Masar Stable

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